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Our services are tailored to suit the needs of our clients.

We provide ongoing cost advice and financial management throughout the concept, design and construction stages to ensure projects are managed in the most cost effective manner.


Cost Planning and Control

  • Establishing budgets from information provided at the feasibility stage, which may be limited to a schedule of net area requirements before any drawings are produced;
  • Controlling costs through the design stage to maintain the integrity of the established budget and to ensure that the owner receives the best value;
  • Evaluating the cost effectiveness of alternative building shapes, component specifications, and various materials and in addition the provision of cost checks at various key stages throughout the design process.

Value Engineering

  • Reviewing a project using systematic and creative effort directed at analyzing the functional requirements of a project for the purpose of achieving essential functions at optimum costs.
  • Participate in and organization of Value Management Workshops

Tender Bid and Quotation Analysis

  • Review all submitted tenders (including construction), analyze and report on variances related to the approved Project Budget baseline.

Construction Monitoring

  • The PQS will examine the various applications from the contractor for progress payments, verify them against the work actually performed, evaluate the work in accordance with the contract, including the balance to complete, advise on the amount of Lien Holdback, and make recommendations as to the amount of such payments.

Change Order Review and Evaluation

  • Initiate and maintain procedure for evaluating change orders.
  • Recommend adjustments to the contract sum and project schedule.
  • Negotiate with contractors.

Cashflow Forecasting

  • Assist with and analyze cash flows at respective stages.

Insurance and Reinstatement Valuations

  • Prepare insurance replacement valuations.

Arbitration and Expert Witness Service

  • Provide independent advice founded on practical experience.
  • Assist legal counsel and participate as an expert witness at trial.

Life Cycle Cost Analysis

  • Provide costing assistance with Life Cycle Cost Plans.
  • Competition of related discounted cash flows.

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